Voyage of the Living Dead 2011 Now On the Battleship New Jersey

Voyage of the Living Dead 2011

The narrative hook for the tour is the following, according to the Battleship:

The Battleship New Jersey, an icon for the world’s greatest military power and always the leader in naval technology, has taken on a new task of hosting the latest military experiments.

Dr. Helena Tesla, once called “mad” by the scientific community, has been undertaking experiments aboard the Battleship to create a new breed of sailor and expanding the life of our fighting men and women. Guests are invited to observe these scientific wonders weekend evenings from 7pm–11pm throughout October, and every night from October 26–31.

Given our avid interest in history, we are also impressed by two aspects of Voyage of the Living Dead 2011:

1) The choice of the name “Tesla”, who in real life was a 20th-century man, who ranks among the greatest inventors and scientists of all time.

2) Also, the fictional zombies have their roots in other popular fiction - the famous hoax known as the so-called "Philadelphia Experiment".

The core of the claim was that sailors were the victims of a well-intentioned military experiment, gone terribly awry. The location of the experiment - a U.S. Navy ship, during World War II, in Philadelphia. (Philadelphia's Navy Yard produced many of the warships that won the war.)

Although it has been conclusively debunked as a hoax - when its author admitted that he had fabricated the entire story - it remains part of the lore of the city. (Our source: we saw a superb one-hour special on the History Channel, devoted entirely to the "Philadelphia Experiment" hoax.)

The impresarios behind Voyage of the Living Dead 2011 is an acting troupe called (and given its specialty, we did find this name to be very witty):

Without A Cue Productions

Without A Cue's repertory specialty is murder-mystery theatrical productions. (Get it?)

And so the process of converting a World War II battleship, into a haunted attraction crammed with zombies, is right up their alley.

Voyage of the Living Dead 2011 - Dates, Hours, and Ticketing

All tickets are $30/person, regardless of date or time. The maritime zombies emerge from their slumber only on weekends, throughout October 2011, until we get to crunch time – Halloween week itself. (The busy season for zombies, naturally.)

Friday, October 7 -Saturday, October 8 - Sunday, October 9

Friday, October 14 - Saturday, October 15 -Sunday, October 16

Friday, October 21 -Saturday, October 22 -Sunday, October 23

After a two-day shore leave, the zombies return to their haunts:

Wednesday, October 26 - Thursday, October 27 - Friday, October 28 - Saturday, October 29 - Sunday, October 30 – Halloween, Monday, October 31.

Frankly, we suspect that on those two days of shore leave, the sailor-zombies are carousing over in Fairmount. They are hanging out with their fellow undead of Terror Behind the Walls 2011, perpetually confined in Eastern State Penitentiary, at 20th Street and Fairmount Avenue. There are a lot of bars on Fairmount Avenue, and you know sailors...

On most nights, you can risk your life on the Battleship, from 7 PM – 11 PM. However, on Friday and Saturday nights, you can take the tour, until the witching hour of midnight. (Important exception: Saturday, October 29, when the final tour leaves at 10 PM, not 11 PM or midnight.)

Ticketing - Directions

Tickets are available online, at - or by calling 1.866.877.6262, ext. 107. You can also purchase them in person, but due to high demand, we'd recommend that you buy them in advance, lest you miss your chance to be threatened by zombies on a floating haunted house!

For directions and parking to the Battleship New Jersey, just visit the official site above. It's easily accessible from Center City Philadelphia, right over the Delaware River in Camden.

Voyage of the Living Dead 2011 - Overnight Encampments on the Battleship, for the Truly Fearless

Family overnight encampments are available every weekend in October. Enjoy dinner and breakfast from the chowline, ride the flight simulator, and sleep in bunks, PLUS the haunted tour. Overnight package is $77.92 per person, which includes the $30 Voyage of the Living Dead 2011 tour.

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