Save Tastykake – A Unique Philadelphia Snack Food Tradition

Save Tastykake!

It is imperative that the Save Tastykake movement succeed. Here’s why…

Tastykake is a unique Philadelphia tradition, even by the standards of a city and region that has many such traditions. Generations of Philadelphians have grown up, looking forward to their opportunities to have chocolate Juniors, the various fruit pies (the Lemon Pie. being our permanent, personal favorite), Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes, Butterscotch Krimpets, and the like.

It is common for those Philadelphians who move to other regions (temporarily or otherwise) to have cravings for Tastykakes, and it’s equally common for them to receive CARE packages of Jelly Krimpets, Chocolate Cupcakes, etc., from friends and family who remain in Greater Philadelphia.

Tastykake also is a genuinely local company, in an age of mergers and international conglomerates. All Tastykakes are made right here, and hopefully it will stay that way.

Save Tastykake! – A Guide To Tastykakes For the Curious

Perhaps you’re a new arrival in Philadelphia from another region. Perhaps you only eat really healthy food. Or perhaps you are planning to visit Philadelphia from out of town, and are curious about what all of the fuss is about. Here’s our guide:

Tastykake Fruit Pies – Lemon, Apple, and the Rest

The Tastykake Fruit Pies come in many varieties, some seasonal, such as the Pumpkin Pie. A couple of years ago, Tastykake opted to shrink the pies slightly, within their aluminum tin. But because they also improved the packaging at the same time, the typical Tastykake Fruit Pie stays fresh much longer – and we actually prefer these slightly smaller pies, that keep longer.

What’s A Tastykake Krimpet?

A Krimpet is something unique to Tastykake. (It sounds like the name of the Grinch’s home in Dr. Seuss’s classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas, where the Grinch resided in seething solitude, which was called Mount Crumpet.)

Needless to say, Krimpets taste much better than Who Hash. They are sponge cakes, three to a package. There are Jelly Krimpets, which have no icing, but are filled with seedless raspberry jelly. There are also Butterscotch Krimpets, which have no filling, hut are iced with delicious butterscotch icing.

During the summer months, there are also Alex’s Lemonade Stand Lemon Krimpets, which are just like the Jelly Krimpets, but with lemon jelly instead of raspberry.

What’s A Tastykake Junior?

A Tastykake Junior is a two-tiered yellow cake, with chocolate icing on both layers. (There is no Tastykake Senior!)

What’s A Tastykake Kandy Kake? (And Why Do Some People Continue to Refer To Them As “Tandy Takes”?)

There are two basic Kandy Kakes, although they look similar – they’re both circular disks, filled with cake and enrobed in chocolate.

The Peanut Butter ones have white cake, with a thin layer of peanut butter on top, enrobed in chocolate.

The Chocolate ones have chocolate cake, with a thin layer of vanilla icing on top, equally enrobed in chocolate.

Although we’re too young to remember it personally, there was a time when Tastykake called these treats “Tandy Takes”, not “Kandy Kakes”. And older Philadelphians still often refer to them with the alliterative “T’s”, rather than “K’s”.

What Are Witchy Good Treats and Kreepy Kakes at Halloween?

Witchy Good Treats are basically Juniors, although instead of a two-tier rectangular cake, it’s a single layer of elongated cake, with chocolate icing and orange sprinkles (known as “jimmies” in Philadelphia parlance).

Kreepy Kakes are cupcakes, with the same size and shape, but with orange-colored chocolate icing (they don’t taste like oranges), with very hard Halloween-themed sprinkles on top.

We hope this guide helps. In the meantime-

Save Tastykake!

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