The Running of the Santas 2010 Will Be In Northern Liberties

The Running of the Santas 2010 will take place on Saturday, December 18, 2010, in the hip, trendy neighborhood, known as Northern Liberties, or for short, NoLibs, directly north of Old City Philadelphia.

(Note: Despite the name, and the fact that it takes place during the afternoon, the Running of the Santas 2010 is not a family event. Instead, it’s geared toward young adults, with a great deal of partying and bars involved. There are many other, far better choices you should make, with your children, for Christmas 2010 Things to Do in Philadelphia.)

The Running of the Santas 2010 - A Guide

Why Do They Call It the "Running of the Santas?"

Running of the Santas 2010 is somewhat of a misnomer, because there's very little running, involved. It's more like a parade of Santas. Thousands of Santas will march, amble, meander (use whatever verb, you'd like) from the "South Pole" to the "North Pole".

For the Running of the Santas 2010, the South Pole is defined as Finnigans Wake, the superb Irish pub that serves as the official southern border of Northern Liberties (a fact which is attested to by a conspicuous and beautiful mural). This one-time coffin factory is high on our list of the Philadelphia Irish Pubs, in fact, in no small part due to its Quiet Man Pub, filled with memorabilia from the movie.

Finnigans Wake - the "South Pole" - is located at 537 North 3rd Street (i.e., the intersection of 3rd and Spring Garden Streets).

In reality, the distance between the North Pole and South Pole is about 12,430 miles. But, fortunately for the thousands of Santas involved, the distance is well within marching, ambling, and meandering range. The "North Pole" is defined as the Electric Factory Concert venue, which is located at 421 North 7th Street (i.e., at the intersection of 7th and Callowhill Streets, up a bit on 7th, north of Callowhill).

Accordingly, instead of needing to travel 12,430 miles, the thousands participating in Running of the Santas 2010 need only stagger, if necessary, the ½ mile between Finnigans Wake and the Electric Factory, to complete their journey from the South Pole to the North Pole. It's a walk, that takes about 11 minutes.

What Is the Route of the Running of the Santas 2010?

As far as we can tell, the most logical way would be to leave Finnigans Wake at 3rd and Spring Garden, head west over Spring Garden Street, for four blocks, until reaching the intersection of 7th and Spring Garden Streets. From there, they should turn left, march one block south on 7th Street, where they'll reach the Electric Factory, right before they'd reach 7th and Callowhill.

Do I Need Tickets To Watch the Running of the Santas 2010?

Yes and no - it depends...

To watch the four-block Running of the Santas 2010, per se - no, tickets aren't required for that. That's free.

However, if you want to party on - and this is undoubtedly, as previously mentioned, a partying event - you have to buy a ticket, to get into the heated tent at the Electric Factory.

If you go to Ticketmaster at this point, a ticket will set you back $30.75, with the various surcharges. You can also buy tickets directly at the Electric Factory box office, which would be slightly cheaper, but leaves you at a very real risk of being frozen out (to pardon the pun) of the festivities, entirely.

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