Other Philadelphia Web Sites That We Recommend for Visitors

Of course, there are many other Philadelphia web sites, which can be of enormous benefit for any visitor, student, or local resident. On this page, eventually, there will be some of the best ones that we’ve found, and which we’d like to highly recommend. Also, you may have noticed that we have already included links to the official sites for many Philadelphia attractions, on each attraction’s main page.

However, this page is still under construction. Please be patient, and check back for more content.

The Best Philadelphia Blogs

We would like to recommend the official blog of GPTMC (Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Marketing Company) - called, simply-

uwishunu - philly from the inside out

In addition to clicking on the link above, you can just use your browser to visit http://www.uwishunu.com

The name - a clever play on the phrase "you wish you knew" - get it? - refers to the stellar blog being kept by Eric Smith and a plethora of other bloggers. The graphics are dazzling and the photography first-rate. Anything you want to know about what's going on in Philadelphia - that is to say, anything that you wish you knew about Philadelphia - you can find on this blog. Arts, festivals, restaurants, bars, stage productions, nightlife - you name it, uwishunu has it. Go check it out. You'll find it very worthwhile.

We'd like to recommend Phillyist - part of a larger chain of destination-city web sites. It is a superb mix of information, events, and pretty much everything you need to know about things to do in Philadelphia - whether you are a local, a college student, or a visitor from out of town.

Although this particular page will not directly help you to find great places to visit in Philadelphia, the Phillyist Staff Page is entertaining to read, if you'd like a good laugh.

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