Philadelphia Premium Outlets Shopping Hours and Information

Philadelphia Premium Outlets - despite their name, are not located in Philadelphia – or even nearby.

Instead, they can be found all the way up Route 422 in suburban Montgomery County, over 36 miles from Center City Philadelphia, as defined by Independence Visitor Center. (They are officially listed as being in Pottstown, but it’s Pottstown Post Office, not Pottstown itself.)

Why Do They Call Themselves Philadelphia Premium Outlets, Then?

We speculate that it’s for marketing purposes. We mention this mainly so that you don’t have any misunderstandings, about where to find them. You’ll need a car to access them, as there’s no easy SEPTA service, and they aren’t located in the city.

That Having Been Said, Philadelphia Premium Outlets Are a Great Place To Shop

Once you’ve safely navigated the adventures of Route 422 from King of Prussia, Philadelphia Premium Outlets do in fact offer a very pleasant shopping experience. They are an open-air mall, with the stores wedged close together. In addition, the various pedestrian malls are enclosed facing each other, meaning that you get the impression that you’re walking along a city street, rather than in a shopping center.

It also has a completely enclosed Food Court, which is a great place to grab a snack or meal during your shopping trek. It’s also warm in there, as Christmas shopping at Philadelphia Premium Outlets can get fairly cold, since most of the complex isn’t enclosed from the elements.

We recently had a very good milkshake from Bananas in the Food Court, and we also recommend the French fries from the cheese steak place. In addition, the same building, which houses the Food Court, is also the information center. It provides plenty of information, not just on Philadelphia Premium Outlets, but on the entire Montgomery County / Valley Forge region. You can find all the information and brochures that you need there, regardless of whether you’re visiting from out of town, or another part of the Greater Philadelphia region.

Philadelphia Premium Outlets Are About a 15-20 Minute Drive From the King of Prussia Mall, Depending On Traffic

Another plus for Philadelphia Premium Outlets, is their easy accessibility from the King of Prussia Mall. Although driving around the maze of highways engulfing King of Prussia can be tricky, the key is to be able to jump onto Route 422 West, from King of Prussia. Once you’ve managed to do that, it’s by and large smooth sailing to Philadelphia Premium Outlets.

The Landmark To Use Are the Twin Nuclear Cooling Towers at Nearby Limerick

The chief landmarks, which you will find most notable and conspicuous while traveling to Philadelphia Premium Outlets, are the twin cooling towers from the nuclear power plant at nearby Limerick, which are easily visible from Route 422, and dominate the landscape.

It does give the entire area a look somewhat resembling the opening sequence of The Simpsons, and it is a unique backdrop for going shopping in a mall.

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