The Manayunk Train Station – A Complete Guide For Visitors

When it comes to the Manayunk train station, you have to be careful with it, as it’s very complicated, much more so than other SEPTA Stations. Here’s your guide, based on firsthand experience:

If You Want to Travel From Center City, To the Manayunk Train Station

If you first want to go from Center City to Manayunk – the most likely scenario, if you’re from out of town:

Get off the train at the Manayunk train station. Here’s where the fun begins…

You will have only one way to exit. (There is currently an advertising sign for Beat Street Station, etc.)

You will descend a very long, concrete ramp with a wrought-iron fence, on the left – there aren’t any stairs.

As you leave the ramp - you will now be on Cresson Street – which is to say, the major artery that runs parallel to Main Street in Manayunk – and you will be underneath the railroad tracks, which are supported by a green structure. (The overshadowing of the train tracks can be intimidating, especially at night, and that’s one of the reasons why we’re spelling this out in such detail.)

Across the street, on your left, you will see a place called Kadillac Tattoos, a white building with a white and multicolored sign (we have no interest in tattoos, but that’s what the most obvious landmark is). If you look to your right, you will see a sign with a black, orange, and white design called Frak’s.

Basically, when you’re at this intersection, you want to advance slightly, and make a right turn at Leverington Street. (The sign for Leverington Street is very small, and it’s located under the green train tracks, but it’s there. You know that you’ve successfully turned onto Leverington Street, when the Frak’s sign is on your right. You will also pass a place called RowZone on your right, and one block later – congratulations! You’ve arrived at cool Main Street in Manayunk. You’ll see Zesty’s Restaurant across the street, slightly off to the left.

If You Want to Travel To Center City, From the Manayunk Train Station

One must understandably think, that if that’s how you get off the train to go to Manayunk, that it must be the identical path - merely reversed, of course - to get back on the train. However, that isn’t the case. Here’s how you get back on the train, to head back to Center City, after an evening of revelry on Main Street:

The most important thing to realize, is that each platform (the inbound one to Center City, and the outbound one to Norristown) has a separate entrance, and they’re not directly next to each other. If you return and go up the aforementioned ramp to the platform, that would only help you if you wanted to go to Norristown (i.e., take an outbound train). However, in this case, you want an inbound train.

After you’re done partying on Main Street, make a right onto Leverington Street, and then you’ll be at Cresson Street again (you’ll have Frak’s on your left, this time.) Make a left turn onto Cresson Street (you’ll see the ramp across the street, to the outbound platform), and walk to the end of the block.

You’ll see the entrance to the Manayunk station, on the left side of the street, at the end of the corner. It’s off-white, features an archway reminiscent of medieval times, and just says “Manayunk” overhead.

On the left of the archway, there’s a helpful sign next to it, reading “Outbound Trains to Norristown” directional arrow, and also “Inbound Trains to Philadelphia” with a directional arrow, indicating to you to enter the archway, if you want to take the train back to Center City Philadelphia. On the right of the archway, there’s a Manayunk train station schedule under glass, so that you can check what times trains arrive and depart.

Once in there, you take a winding flight of stairs to get up to the platform. You’ll see signs saying “Inbound trains to Philadelphia”, and you’ll know that you're in the right place.

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