Macy’s Philadelphia – At The Historic Former John Wanamakers

Macy's Philadelphia is not just a run-of-the-mill department store. It is located in a building over a century old - the former, iconic John Wanamaker Department Store. Its architecture is incredible - so beautiful, in fact, that the Wanamakers Building was listed in 1978 as a National Historic Landmark - a remarkable achievement for a commercial building.

If You Are An International or Out-of-State Visitor to Macy's Philadelphia, You Are Entitled To An 11% Welcome Savings Pass

Any non-Pennsylvanian shopper is entitled to an 11% Macy's Philadelphia Welcome Savings Pass. Just go to Macy's Philadelphia Visitor Center to pick up your pass (presumably you'll need your driver's license to prove that you're not from Pennsylvania). And you'll enjoy an 11% discount.

Macy's Philadelphia Christmas Attractions

Macy's Philadelphia On Black Friday - Friday, November 26, 2010

Macy's Philadelphia will be opening its doors at 5:00 AM on Black Friday, November 26, 2010, an ungodly hour, well before dawn.

The Macy's Holiday Light Show

Taking SEPTA to Macy's Philadelphia

Fortunately, Macy's Philadelphia is located in the heart of Center City, and there are multiple ways of reaching it via SEPTA. Let's take a look at how you can get there:

Macy's Philadelphia is located at 1300 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA. You can contact them at 215.241.9000.

It is located at the intersection of 13th and Market Streets, directly adjacent to Philadelphia City Hall and Philadelphia City Hall Tower - which has the William Penn Statue atop it (with a breathtaking view of the city, if you take the Tower tour). City Hall is located at Broad and Market Streets, one block west of Macy's Philadelphia. (Broad Street is the equivalent of "14th Street".)

If You Are Visiting Macy's Philadelphia From the Pennsylvania or New Jersey Suburbs, Or the More Distant Philadelphia Neighborhoods - We'd Advise You To Take SEPTA Regional Rail Service

Macy's Philadelphia location is conveniently sandwiched between two of the major SEPTA Regional Rail stations.

The first station - which is about two blocks, closer - is Market East Station, which is located at 11th and Market Streets - just two blocks away from 13th and Market Streets, the location of Macy's Philadelphia.

The second station - although slightly further away - is Suburban Station, which is located at 16th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard. You have to walk two blocks to City Hall, and then either around it, or through the courtyard, to reach Macy's Philadelphia at 13th and Market.

Which one you choose, is up to you.

Taking SEPTA City Transit Division Lines To Macy's Philadelphia

Regardless of which of the following services you're taking below, you need to either pay $2.00 in exact change, or buy SEPTA tokens for $1.55 each, in packs of 2, 5 or 10. To answer any questions you have about SEPTA tokens, we've created a comprehensive Guide to SEPTA Tokens, which should clarify any questions you may have about buying or using them.

If you are taking the Broad Street Subway - also known as the Broad Street Line or the SEPTA Orange Line, you should get off at City Hall Station. From there you ascend, and Macy's Philadelphia is just across the street.

(Note: we do not recommend the Broad Street Subway at all, if you're from out of town, unless you're going to a sporting event/concert in the South Philadelphia Sports Complex.)

If you are taking the SEPTA Blue Line - also known as the Market-Frankford Line, or less formally, as "the el", you should get off at the 13th Street Blue Line Station. Once you ascend from the subterranean platform, you're at Macy's Philadelphia.

You can also take SEPTA buses up on street level, particularly if you are east of Macy's Philadelphia (i.e., on Market Street, but on a lower number than 13th Street). Most westbound SEPTA buses on Market Street will stop at 13th and Market, or 12th and Market. Once you're off the bus, you'll just have to cross the street to get to Macy's Philadelphia. (One note: ask your driver, before you get on,

"are you going to Macy's, at 13th and Market?"

Getting to Macy's Philadelphia Via Amtrak 30th Street Station

30th Street Station, located at 30th and Market Streets, is the main Amtrak station in the Philadelphia region. It is 17 blocks west of Macy's Philadelphia. While you could take a cab from 30th Street to Macy's, that would be expensive and time-consuming.

Your Amtrak ticket is good for free rides between 30th Street Station and Market East Station, as well as Suburban Station, for the rest of the day that you used the Amtrak ticket.

So when you disembark from the Amtrak train at 30th Street, follow signs for SEPTA Regional Rail. Ask a SEPTA employee:

"Where can I take an eastbound train to Market East Station?"

They'll direct you to one of the eastbound platforms. Waiting shouldn't be an issue, since nearly every SEPTA Regional Rail train will stop at all three major stations in Center City.

Once there, disembark at Market East, and follow signs for the Marriott Hotel and Pennsylvania Convention Center. You'll go up an escalator, with a beautiful blue and white mural on the wall, commemorating the Reading Terminal in the heyday of passenger rail travel.

You'll get off the escalator, turn left, go past the security desk and a Dunkin' Donuts on your right, and go outside - at 12th and Market Streets. Macy's is one block east of there, and you'll have to cross to the other side of Market Street.

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