Liberty 360 – A New, Short 3-D Movie in Historic Philadelphia

Liberty 360 is one of the newest Philadelphia tourist attractions. Launched in the fall of 2010, it is located at the Lights of Liberty Center, located at 6th and Chestnut Streets, just off Washington Square.

One important reason why we highly recommend it: the fact that Liberty 360 remains open, even after nearly every other building in the Historic District has shut down for the day. In October and November 2010, Liberty 360 remains open until 7:00 PM – two hours beyond Independence Visitor Center and the other attractions. It’s also directly across the street from Independence Hall, and an easy thing to do, while you’re there.

So as not to give away any of the cool effects or surprises when you’re in the movie, we’ll summarize it here.

Liberty 360 Is Hosted By Benjamin Franklin in 3-D

Benjamin Franklin - in 3-D, no less – hosts the film and welcomes you to Philadelphia. A highly accomplished inventor, in addition to his many other achievements (you can read about some of the Benjamin Franklin Inventions), Franklin would undoubtedly be amazed to see himself in such a form, over three centuries after his birth in 1706.

You see the movie in full 360 degree surroundings - hence the name, Liberty 360 - which is officially decribed as the "first 360-degree, 3D experience ever developed."

Why Liberty 360 Is A Good Choice For Families

The younger your children are, the less interested they are likely to be in the official ranger interpretation in Independence Hall, and throughout the many buildings located throughout Independence National Historical Park.

However, Liberty 360 - a full theatrical experience, as good as any conventional movie you'd attend - will undoubtedly capture your children's attention, and possibly get them interested in the storied history, that is so much a part of a trip to Philadelphia. It's only 12 minutes long, and is a whirlwind adventure, in many ways.

Liberty 360 - Hours and Admission

In November and December 2010, Liberty 360 is open from 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM, every day. The movie, which is 12 minutes long, is shown at the top of every hour, as well as every 20 minutes:

For example, the movie will begin at 5:40 PM, 6:00 PM, 6:20 PM, etc.

Liberty 360 - Prices

$7 - Adults
$6 - Students, Children 12 and Under

Important note: Liberty 360 is also closed on Thanksgiving Day - Thursday, November 25, 2010; Christmas Day - December 25, 2010; and will close at 3:00 PM on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2010.

Liberty 360 isn't free, unlike many of the other attractions in the historic district, but it's well worth the admission fee for adults, and particularly so, if you have children.

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