Independence National Historical Park Runs Many Places to Visit in Philadelphia

Independence National Historical Park - run by the National Park Service - owns and operates many of the most popular historic places to visit in Philadelphia. Most prominent, naturally, are the major attractions - the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and Franklin Court. (By the way, we'd highly recommend that you visit Franklin Court, because it will soon be closing for many months for extensive renovations.)

However, Independence National Historical Park also runs a considerable number of the lower-profile things to do in Philadelphia. And in addition to their historical authenticity, these historic sites are all more free places to visit in Philadelphia - these include:

Carpenters' Hall - Constructed in the 1730s, it was the home of the First Continental Congress - which assembled in September 1774, for seven weeks, to organize resistance to British colonial policies.

Declaration House - where Thomas Jefferson lived, while he wrote the Declaration of Independence .

The Second Bank of the United States - a spectacular example of Greek Revival architecture, the Bank was the major political issue, nationally, during the 1830s. And today, it is a tremendous art gallery of 18th and 19th century portraits of significant Americans.

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