A Review of Harry the K’s Restaurant, at Citizens Bank Park

Harry the K's Restaurant - known formally as Harry the K's Broadcast Bar and Grille - is located in the outfield at Citizens Bank Park. It is one of the many options for eating at the ballpark, and so we have an independent review of it for you.

For more information on the other experiences, eating or otherwise, you can enjoy at Citizens Bank Park, we highly recommend that you take a look at our very detailed Citizens Bank Park Guide - which provides in-depth information on how to maximize your enjoyment of Phillies baseball at the ballpark.

Finding Harry the K's Restaurant

If you enter Citizens Bank through the Third Base Gate, which most fans do, just turn left once you're through the gate. You walk on the concourse, past third base and down the left field foul line, and Harry the K's Restaurant will be straight ahead, near the Alley Grill.

Ambience Grade - A+

Eating at Harry the K's Restaurant is one of the best experiences, that one can have at Citizens Bank Park. If you choose to eat downstairs at the Lower Level Restaurant, which we recommend, you have a great view of the action, at the top of the lower level. You will be seated somewhere between center and left field, with the last tables on the right, having a direct sightline along the left-field foul line, behind Section 141.

You have an incredible view of the action, regardless of where you sit. You also are in the open air, which gives you a chance to see not only the game, but the crowds ambling along the concourse.

There are also three murals on the wall, which you can enjoy, while waiting for your food, or between innings. The Philadelphia artist Max Mason painted one mural, to represent each of the Phillies' three most recent ballparks.

The first was Connie Mack Stadium (originally known as Shibe Park), in which both the National League's Phillies and the American League's Philadelphia Athletics played. The Athletics - then as now, known as the A's for short - left Philadelphia after the 1954 season, after Mack's sons could not agree on the future of the team. The A's moved first to Kansas City, and then to Oakland, where they remain to this day.

After the A's departure, the Phillies continued to play there through the 1970 season, when the North Philadelphia ballpark closed. Beginning in 1971, the Phillies began playing in the brand-new Veterans Stadium in South Philadelphia, several miles south of their old North Philadelphia home. The Phillies played at "The Vet" through the 2003 season, until Citizens Bank Park was completed, three blocks away.

Both Connie Mack Stadium and Veterans Stadium have subsequently been demolished. Accordingly, the Harry the K's Restaurant Murals are a great way to pay tribute to the 20th-century homes of Philadelphia baseball - in a sport in which history matters more than any other.

In addition, the tables and signage on the wall at Harry the K's Restaurant all pay tribute to Harry Kalas (1936-2009) - the late, great, Hall of Fame Phillies broadcaster who passed away in April 2009. His nickname was "Harry the K", hence the name. Each table is permanently adorned with a picture of Harry, his autograph, and his signature home run call:

"That ball's outta here!"

Finally, the complete Harry the K's Restaurant menu is available in the downstairs restaurant - whereas it is not available in its entirety, upstairs. Upstairs, you, pretty much, can get only the Appetizers and a couple of the popular sandwiches.

The Three Murals at Harry the K's Restaurant

Quality of Food - B+

Our party was very impressed with the quality of the food we ordered, particularly, since as a general rule, most ballpark food isn't good!

Harry the K's Restaurant Appetizers - "Starting Rotation" - Chicken Fingers and Ballpark Fries

At Harry the K's Restaurant, the Appetizers are known as the Starting Rotation on the menu. Members of the rotation included Chicken Fingers and Ballpark Fries, both of which we tried. We were very impressed with the Chicken Fingers. Aside from being somewhat crunchy, they were outstanding. The Ballpark Fries were good, although not great - and you have to eat them quickly, lest they become too crunchy.

You can get both Honey Mustard and Bull's BBQ Sauce on the side, with either appetizer. We recommend the Honey Mustard, but only if you like a vinegary, somewhat sour honey mustard - if you don't like sour, you won't like it. Not everyone in our party liked the Honey Mustard. As for Bull's BBQ Sauce - it was very hot, at least by our standards. Unless you like hot BBQ sauce, don't bother with it.

Harry the K's Restaurant Sandwiches - Applewood Smoked Turkey BLT, and Philadelphia Cheese Steak

Our party liked the Applewood Smoked Turkey BLT a lot. Served on Texas toast, which we requested to be done lightly, the turkey had a delicious smoked flavor to it. When some Honey Mustard was added, its flavor was even enhanced, so we'd highly recommend that dish.

As for the Philadelphia Cheese Steak - that was a disappointment. There wasn't enough meat on the sandwich, relative to the amount of cheese, and the roll. It was mediocre.

As it turns out, the "Schmitter" - an homage to the Phillies' Hall of Fame third baseman Mike Schmidt - the Philadelphia Cheese Steak, and the Burgers are the three most popular items on the Harry the K's Restaurant menu.

Harry the K's Restaurant - Specials - Can Change Daily, So Ask

Harry the K's Restaurant also offers rotating Daily Specials. For example, for our visit, there was a Soup du Jour (Fava Bean Soup), an Appetizer (Summer Flatbread), a Salad (Baby Artichoke), and Ballpark Fare (Steak Quesadilla). We didn't have any of these, but they were posted prominently as the hosting check-in point, while we waited, and the Specials can also be found at your table.

Harry the K's Restaurant - Desserts - Brownie Sundae

Our party opted to split a single Harry the K's Restaurant dessert - the Brownie Sundae, which is a chocolate fudge brownie, with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, and whipped cream ($6.50). It was quite good, especially on a humid night.

Other Harry the K's Restaurant Desserts:

Caramel Flan - rum scented custard and caramel sauce - $6.00

Ice Cream Novelties - From Turkey Hill - Ice Cream Sandwich, Graham Slam cup, or Peanut topped waffle cone - $3.75

Coffee/Hot Chocolate - $3.00

Flavored Coffees - Caramel, Hazelnut or Vanilla, topped with whipped cream - $5.00

Harry the K's Restaurant - Prices - C

Granted, all ballpark food - including everywhere else at Citizens Bank Park - is outrageously overpriced - and Harry the K's Restaurant is no exception.

Our Applewood Turkey BLT was $11.00, our Philadelphia Cheese Steak was $10.25, and a single Coke was $3.25. That having been said, the prices at Harry the K's Restaurant - although high - were within reason, particularly by Citizens Bank Park standards. The Chicken Fingers in the Starting Rotation were $8.50, and could be a meal.

The prices were not significantly higher, than one would pay at the concession stands throughout Citizens Bank Park, for the same food. But at Harry the K's Restaurant, there are two major, additional benefits, which are lacking at the concession stands. One is that you get sit-down, attentive service, with your own comfortable table and chairs. (Harry the K's Restaurant does not cram patrons into the downstairs patio; there's plenty of space, even if the ballpark is sold out.)

Harry the K's Restaurant Waitstaff - A+

The Harry the K's Restaurant waitstaff was impeccable. Our server was friendly, congenial, helpful, courteous, and highly cognizant of what we were looking for, in terms of the menu and service - and in fact, went far beyond the call of duty, in order to accommodate us. We were very happy with the service which we received.

Conclusion - We Highly Recommend Harry the K's Restaurant

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