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This page is dedicated solely for advertisers on Enjoying Philadelphia – and specifically, the Site Sponsorship Opportunities, currently available on Enjoying Philadelphia.

Site Sponsorship Opportunities – Reach Your Potential Customers Before They Set Foot in Philadelphia

We watch our site traffic very carefully. We have observed that visitors to Philadelphia – especially those visiting from out-of-town, eager to visit the major tourist attractions – plan important aspects of their visit, weeks – and in some cases, monthsbefore their plane lands at Philadelphia International Airport, their Amtrak train reaches 30th Street Station, and their car crosses the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, into Old City Philadelphia.

This trend is not limited to out of town visitors, either. Much of our traffic comes from exurban (i.e., outer-ring suburban residents) and suburban residents who want to have a great time in the city. Sometimes they are taking their children to the Philadelphia Zoo or the Betsy Ross House; sometimes the adults are partying in Old City Philadelphia and/or Manayunk.

However, they want to know what tourist attraction - and what bar and/or restaurant(s) – they’ll be visiting, before they hop on the SEPTA Regional Rail train for a day of family fun, and/or a late night of merriment and revelry.

And increasingly, they are coming to Enjoying Philadelphia, to try to find answers to the most important questions that any Philadelphia visitor wants to know:

What should I do?
Where can I have a good time?
What events should I attend?
Where should I visit?
Where should I take my family?
What restaurant(s) should we patronize?

You want to reach these visitors, while they’re in the planning stages, not once they’re already down here. Once they’re already down here, they’ve often already decided where to go. Before the Internet, these decisions were made on the fly; now, they’re increasingly decided in advance.

So we’d like to encourage you to consider taking some of your advertising budget, and getting great value for your money, here at Enjoying Philadelphia.

Conventional Advertising – If You’d Like to Purchase An Advertisement on Our Site

We cater to an upscale market. Our readers want to come to Philadelphia, and we want them to have a memorable experience, so that they’ll return again and again.

They buy tickets to the cultural institutions, souvenirs at their gift shops, eat and drink generously at local bars and restaurants, and take their children to the historic sites. They rent hotel rooms and cars to help them do it all.

Site Sponsorship Opportunities

At the moment, we’re interested in finding sponsors for specific pages. If you are a hotel, you’d probably be interested in sponsoring one of our Philadelphia hotel pages.

If you are a bar and restaurant, you’d probably be interested in sponsoring one of our monthly event pages. (We do one for every month, well in advance of the calendar changing, and they grow longer with more events, every month.)

If you’re a cultural institution, you’d probably be interested in sponsoring one of our museum or history pages.

Our rates are reasonable, and depend on the quality of the advertisers, and the popularity of the pages that you’d like to sponsor. And we’d like to emphasize that we’d prefer to enter into a long-term partnership with you, the sponsor.

You can reach us via our Contact Us Page, which has a form, by which you can e-mail us. The results of those forms go directly into our e-mail account, and we reply to all e-mails.

If you have any other questions about potential site sponsorship opportunities, please let us know.

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