Driving to Citizens Bank Park – Several Ways To Get There

Driving to Citizens Bank Park

If you wind up driving to Citizens Bank Park, there is a reasonable chance that you will be parking in the lot visible in the photo above, directly behind the outfield.

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Driving to Citizens Bank Park brings its own set of challenges. In a sense, the only way to win, is not to play; if at all possible, take SEPTA to Citizens Bank Park.

We feel so strongly on this point, in fact, that we’ve created a comprehensive SEPTA to Citizens Bank Park Guide - in order to help you do so.

But let’s say that you live in a very remote suburb, or you dislike SEPTA, or you just have to have your car, or you want to party till 2 AM, in the city (equally understandable) without having to worry about missing the last train out to the suburbs. Bottom line, you want to drive. OK – that’s fine. Let’s consider the various ways of doing so.

Of course, these directions need to be customized from your origin point. Not all of them will be applicable to you. It’s just there are certain fundamental ways of going, with endless variations. We’ve compiled the basic approaches, with the advantages and disadvantages of each.

NEW - September 8, 2010 - Take a Look At Our Comprehensive Guide to Citizens Bank Park

Before or after you use the analysis below, in terms of deciding how to drive to Citizens Bank Park, we'd like to recommend that you take a look at our highly detailed Guide to Citizens Bank Park - this guide will provide you with all of the information you need, in terms of what to eat, see, and do at the ballpark.

Driving to Citizens Bank Park – Interstate 95 South

Taking I-95 South is one of the best ways of doing so, since it has an exit at Broad Street and Pattison Avenue, right at the Sports Complex. This is chiefly suitable if you are coming from anywhere near the Delaware River, which I-95 parallels. This is a good choice if you are coming from the river wards in Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia, eastern Bucks and Montgomery Counties, all north of the ballpark.

Advantages – It has no lights, and is relatively predictable. It will have congestion, to be sure, but the road is wide and modern, with good visibility. It also is mindless, as you just drive on the highway until you get there.

Drawbacks. You will hit traffic, and the closer to game time it is, either beginning or ending, the more traffic there will be.

We recommend 95, in fact, if you will be either arriving at the ballpark very early or leaving it very late; with no traffic, it’s a straight shot to your destination.

Driving to Citizens Bank Park – Interstate 95 North

This is a logical choice, if you are coming from Chester or Delaware Counties, which are south of the city, as well as from the state of Delaware. You get off at the same exit, of course, just from the opposite direction.

It is also a good choice, if you are taking I-476, the Blue Route, which runs through suburban Delaware and Montgomery Counties. Although it is more roundabout, you can take the Blue Route down to 95 and head north.

Advantages – This can often be faster than 76, due to its frequent congestion; the Blue Route is wide and modern and more pleasant to drive than 76.

Drawbacks – It’s a more roundabout route, if you’re coming from central Montgomery County, since you have to dip down to 95 and then come back up again.

Driving to Citizens Bank Park – Interstate 76 – the Schuylkill Expressway

The bete noire of Philadelphia driving, the Schuylkill Expressway has been maligned since it opened, for its constant congestion and narrow lanes. Do your best not to take it to Citizens Bank Park, unless you either live very close to one of its exits, or you are leaving extremely early and/or extremely late. If there is another event going on in South Philadelphia, especially a big one, seriously think about taking another route.

It does have the virtue of going directly to Broad and Pattison, and if there’s no traffic, and if you live close to an exit, it’s a reasonably straight shot as the crow flies. A plus is the ability to see Boathouse Row and the city skyline at night, although that probably isn’t your main goal!

Driving to Citizens Bank Park – Traveling South Down Broad Street

Broad Street will, by definition, take you to the ballpark, since it is located at 11th and Pattison Avenues, three blocks east of Broad and Pattison. This way suffers from the fact that it has tons of traffic lights.

It is not a bad idea, if you are trying to get there from Center City. It can actually be a pleasant ride, as you cruise down the Avenue of the Arts into the residential neighborhoods of South Philadelphia, and eventually to the Sports Complex. And you can get some momentum, if you make some green lights.

This is a safe, conservative choice. It will not set you any records for getting there, but it is less risky – unlike the major highways, there is virtually no chance that you will encounter a complete traffic jam and be stuck in stop-and-go traffic, indefinitely. And even if you do, you can detour by taking one of the numbered streets south, which you can’t do, on the highway.

In general, though, the viability of taking Broad Street, tapers off, the further north you have to start from. Also, the North Philadelphia neighborhoods through which you have to drive are not pleasant or scenic; once you get to City Hall, you have to maneuver around the building and continue south on Broad, although at that point you don’t need to have any concern about the neighborhoods, as they’re fine.

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