Christmas Village in Philadelphia Is At City Hall, Near Macy’s

Christmas Village in Philadelphia – 2011 Update – It Is Now in Nearby LOVE Park, Not Dilworth Plaza

Due to the city’s planned renovations in Dilworth Plaza at City Hall- this year, the 2011 Christmas Village in Philadelphia will be in LOVE Park (a/k/a JFK Plaza), which is only about a block away. All of the directions you see below will remain accurate.

Christmas Village in Philadelphia 2011 Update – Hours and Schedule - Free admission!

Christmas Village in Philadelphia takes place from November 24, 2011, until Christmas Eve, December 24, 2011.

Sun-Thu 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Fri-Sat 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

We haven’t added the complete 2011 Schedule of Events yet, so please check back later… However, much of the info you see below remains accurate for this year, particularly about the nature of the event and the directions. It’s mainly that the events have shifted their dates, naturally…

Christmas Village in Philadelphia is a relative newcomer to the Christmas in Philadelphia scene. It first arrived for the 2008 Christmas season, and is now back for its third edition in Christmas 2010.

Christmas Village in Philadelphia – 2010 Schedule of Events

Thursday, November 25 – Thanksgiving Day 2010 – Sneak Peek

Christmas Village in Philadelphia will be open on Thanksgiving Day, after the conclusion of the Thanksgiving Day Parade (the nation’s first and oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade, in fact), which is scheduled to be around noon. The Village will remain open until 5:00 PM.

Family Day On All Friday Afternoons – Black Friday, November 26; December 3, December 10, and December 17, 2010

Various entertainments for children will take place on every Friday afternoon, up to and including December 17, 2010 – balloons, facepainters, magicians, and the like.

Saturday, November 27 – Opening Ceremony

A new aspect of Christmas Village in Philadelphia 2010 will be the Opening Ceremony. It will consist of a traditional prologue spoken by the Nuremberg Christkind, the traditional symbol of the Christmas Market in Germany. (Christmas Village in Philadelphia is inspired by the traditional Christmas markets in Germany, and is organized and promoted by the German American Association.)

Wednesday, December 1 – Mayor Nutter Presides Over Traditional Tree Lighting Ceremony

Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter will preside over the traditional Tree Lighting Ceremony, with live musical performances for entertainment.

Saturday, December 4 – Sunday, December 5 – German American Weekend

As previously noted, the entire enterprise is inspired by German Christmas customs, and so there will be entertainment and events that weekend, focusing on German heritage and German-American organizations.

Saturday, December 11 – Sunday, December 12 – German American Weekend

Philadelphia will be proudly hosting the 111th Army Navy Game on Saturday, December 12, at Lincoln Financial Field. In honor of the game, there will be special events that weekend.

Saturday, December 18 – Sunday, December 19 – International Weekend

This weekend will feature musical performances from other cultural heritage organizations in Greater Philadelphia.

Traveling to Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Christmas Village in Philadelphia is extremely easy to reach, via SEPTA – in fact, it couldn’t be any more convenient, as it sits at the intersection of nearly all SEPTA transit lines.

SEPTA Regional Rail

If you are coming from the suburbs in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, or from one of the outer neighborhoods, your most probable choice will be SEPTA Regional Rail. Since Christmas Village in Philadelphia is located on Dilworth Plaza, on the west side of City Hall, you can disembark at either Market East Station, at 11th and Market Streets, or Suburban Station, located at 16th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard.

Christmas Village in Philadelphia is about equidistant from both of these major SEPTA Regional Rail train stations. However, we would recommend that you disembark at Market East – because odds are, you’re also coming to see the Macy's Holiday Light Show and Macy's Dickens Village - A Christmas Carol. Both of these beloved Philadelphia Christmas traditions are now located under one roof, at Macy's Center City Philadelphia location, at 13th and Market Streets.

Macy’s is just one block from City Hall, which is located at Broad and Market Streets (the equivalent of “14th Street” and Market). This way, you can hit all three of the Christmas attractions easily.

However, you can also disembark at Suburban Station, head in the other direction, if you’d like to see the Comcast Holiday Spectacular, located at 17th and Arch Streets.

The Comcast Holiday Spectacular made its debut during Christmas 2008, the same year as Christmas Village in Philadelphia. You can then come back, walk past Suburban Station, and see Christmas Village in Philadelphia.

What You Can Enjoy at Christmas Village in Philadelphia, Based On Our Firsthand Experience

If You Decide To Drive, You Can Park at the AutoPark at JFK Plaza, and With the Blue Brochure, Receive a $2.00 Discount

If you decide to drive - which we wouldn't recommend, due to the ease and convenience of SEPTA service - to the Christmas Village in Philadelphia, it recommends that you park at the AutoPark at JFK Plaza, which has entrances at Arch Street, at 16th and Cherry Streets. If you bring back the blue brochure that you can get at the Christmas Village, you'll receive $2.00 off your parking charge, when you leave.

How to Find the Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Christmas Village in Philadelphia occupies the western part of Dilworth Plaza at City Hall. In other words, it sits on the western side of City Hall, lodged between City Hall and 15th Street on one side, and City Hall and John F. Kennedy Boulevard on the other.

If you’re coming from Suburban Station (from the west), you don’t have to go around to the other side of City Hall; but if you’re coming from Market East Station (from the east), you do have to go around City Hall to reach it.

It’s Cold, Outside – Try to Go During the Day, and/or When It’s Unseasonably Warm

Most of the Christmas Village in Philadelphia is outdoors, and as enjoyable as it is, it’s much more enjoyable when it isn’t cold. So try to visit it during daylight hours, and/or when it’s unseasonably warm, whenever possible…

There is A Carousel, For Families with Children

Christmas Village in Philadelphia has a very impressive carousel (the sight of which is somewhat surreal, seeing it right in the middle of downtown's hustle and bustle).

There Are Some Parts of Christmas Village in Philadelphia That Are Heated – Try Those, If It Gets Too Cold - Käthe Wohlfahrt and the Food Tent

The most significant heated tent belongs to Käthe Wohlfahrt, the German company, started in 1963 (which derives its name from its founder in Germany). Purveyors of traditional Christmas ornaments throughout the world, they have a huge tent over their wares. Even if it weren’t warmer inside their tent, Käthe Wohlfahrt has - far and away - the most interesting and beautiful stuff, within the Christmas Village in Philadelphia.

Another heated tent is the Food Tent, which is operated jointly by Brauhaus Schmitz and Chaddsford Winery. (There's always the chance that it may be rented for a private party, so be cognizant of that...) We discuss the Brauhaus Schmitz offerings, below...

Food and Drink Options At Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Brauhaus Schmitz and Chaddsford Winery

Brauhaus Schmitz, a well-known standalone German restaurant, teams up with Chaddsford Winery, based in the suburbs, as the heated Food Tent.

Chaddsford Winery has a standalone booth, directly outside the heated Food Tent, which has seating. Chaddsford Winery offers you authentic German Christmas wine, a mulled, spiced wine known as Gluhwine, which you can buy in either a bottle, or a souvenir mug.

We were familiar with Chaddsford Winery due to our many visits to Peddler's Village in Lahaska, in suburban Bucks County - which is also a superb Christmas destination in greater Philadelphia. Just click on the link above to go to our page on Peddler's Village, which has many Christmas events, and is also illuminated beautifully, throughout the Christmas season.

(If you want the mugs alone, without beverages in them, you can buy the blue mug alone for $2.00, which has "Christmas Village in Philadelphia" on it in white text, at the Hot Beverage Booth, a few booths to the right.)

Brauhaus Schmitz Menu at Christmas Village in Philadelphia

Their menu at Christmas Village in Philadelphia is different than the one at their regular restaurant…

Wurst Sandwich - $6.00

Bratwurst – grilled house made traditional grilled pork sausage
Bauernwurst – smoked beef and pork sausage flavored with black pepper and garlic
Weisswurst – poached white pork and veal sausage
Knackwurst – grilled pork and beef sausage, mildly spiced

Goulaschsuppe - $6.00

A hearty Hungarian beef stew

Potato Pancakes - $5.00

Two Potato Pancakes served with sour cream and applesauce

Wurstplatte - $12.00

Your choice of 2 wursts – served with potato salad and sauerkraut

Kassler Ripchen - $12.00

Cured smoked pork chop served with potato salad and sauerkraut

Curry Wurst - $5.00

Landjäger - $3.00

Water or Soda - $1.00

If Wursts Aren't Your Taste, You Have Several Other Options with Food Vendors

With Christmas Village in Philadelphia being German-themed, there are other German vendors with different fare. Helmut's Original Austrian Strudel sells strudel and pretzels. Lebkuchen & Stollen is a German bakery. Uebel & Sachs has frosted nuts, magenbrot (German gingerbread), and chocolate-covered fruits. Eric and Lisa's Crepes and Waffles offer their crepes and waffles at very reasonable prices.

Finally, there's the aforementioned Hot Beverage Booth, which sells hot chocolate, coffee, tea, and hot cider (and where you can buy your blue souvenir mug).

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