Benjamin Franklin Parkway Hotels Are Near Cultural Attractions

Benjamin Franklin Parkway Hotels

View of Logan Circle and the Franklin Institute, from a high floor of one of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway Hotels. The dome you see on the right side, is the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul. Of course, we can't guarantee a view this good everywhere, but it illustrates their proximity to the many Philadelphia museums and tourist attractions on the Parkway. / CC BY 3.0

Center City District - BLUE - Parkway Museums District

Benjamin Franklin Parkway Hotels are good choices, particularly if you are an art lover or science enthusiast, as they provide easy access to the many art museums, as well as science museums, on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway - this area is often designated the Benjamin Franklin Parkway District, or for short, the Parkway District. Before the capsule reviews of the several specific Benjamin Franklin Parkway Hotels, we now present an analysis, describing the benefits and drawbacks of staying in this neighborhood, opposed to the others. We have links to the major Benjamin Franklin Parkway attractions, and transportation options, in this section.

However, if you'd just like to read the directory of Benjamin Franklin Parkway Hotels, just scroll down, until you reach it.

Benjamin Franklin Parkway Hotels - Benefits

If You Are An Art Lover, This is Unquestionably the Right Area For You!

Nearly every major art museum in Philadelphia is located on the Parkway. Your options include, of course:

The Philadelphia Museum of Art

The magnificent Philadelphia Museum of Art - at the northern end of the Ben Franklin Parkway, is located at the intersection of 26th Street and the Parkway.

It is one of the finest art museums in the world, and which frequently hosts blockbuster exhibitions. Such exhibitions have included Late Renoir, Manet and the Sea, and other such big-time names in the art world. They are wildly popular with visitors, who throng the galleries. But if you go off-peak, you can really have a good time.

(And even if great art isn't your thing, you can still enjoy running up the even more popular, world-famous Art Museum Steps. These steps were rendered iconic, by the successful series of Rocky films, in the late 20th century (and into the 21st century, with the sixth installment, Rocky Balboa).

The Rocky Steps are one of the most popular Philadelphia attractions, particularly if you've never been here before. You can also see the Rocky Statue - unveiled during Rocky III. (In the movie, the statue is shown at the top of the steps; in reality, after two decades at the Spectrum in South Philadelphia, it was moved to its current location, just off to the side of the base of the steps, in 2006.) The actor Sylvester Stallone, who created the fictional Rocky Balboa, is a Philadelphia native.

The Rodin Museum - 22nd Street and the Ben Franklin Parkway

The Rodin Museum - also administered by the Museum of Art - is only a couple of blocks away. It hosts the largest Rodin sculpture collection outside of Paris.

Logan Circle - Also known as Logan Square

Logan Circle is the home of the Swann Memorial Fountain, a beautiful fountain with allegorical sculptures, which looks particularly breathtaking at night, when illuminated.

If You Are a Science Enthusiast, Benjamin Franklin Parkway Hotels Are Also a Good Choice

The Franklin Institute - 19th Street and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway - Logan Circle

The Franklin Institute is one of the nation's best science museums, it includes the Fels Planetarium, and science is presented in an enjoyable, engaging way, for all ages. It is also currently hosting a blockbuster exhibit on the famous monarch of antiquity, Cleopatra: The Search for the Last Queen of Egypt.

The Academy of Natural Sciences - 18th Street and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway - Logan Circle

The dinosaurs are only one reason to visit the Academy of Natural Sciences - which has been around for two centuries.

Benjamin Franklin Parkway Hotels - Our Comprehensive Guide

The First Three Benjamin Franklin Parkway Hotels - the Sheraton Philadelphia City Center, the Embassy Suites, and the Four Seasons

Located in the heart of the business district, this trio of upscale, high-end hotels, also share many other characteristics, such as easy access to SEPTA and the Phlash.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

In addition to the aformentioned Logan Circle, the Academy of Natural Sciences, the Franklin Institute, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art-

There is also Philadelphia City Hall - where you can ride to the brim of the hat, of the 37-foot William Penn Statue - and look out over the city. City Hall is located on Broad Street, on the Avenue of the Arts (which is another term for Broad Street, primarily south of City Hall).

Additional Tourist Attractions, Within Striking Distance

Rittenhouse Square - the Pennsylvania Convention Center

Places Where You'll Have To Take the Phlash and/or SEPTA and/or a Cab

Old City Philadelphia - including Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell - Society Hill - South Street, Eastern State Penitentiary, Fairmount, Northern Liberties, Manayunk

Nearby Public Transportation

Phlash (right there), SEPTA Regional Rail (Suburban Station), SEPTA Blue Line (15th Street), Broad Street Subway (City Hall). To go to 30th Street Station, you can take Regional Rail or a cab (we'd strongly recommend the cab, though, to save time.)


Cabs will be plentiful. It is also close to Suburban Station, if you want to take the train to Manayunk or elsewhere. The Phlash runs nearby, also. And you have only a short walk to the SEPTA Blue Line, should you wish to take that line from 15th Street Station to Old City. It has parking, but you won't ever need to take your car out.

Amenities are very high, given the price, and it's also close to the central Philadelphia business district.

Sheraton Philadelphia City Center - $$$$ - 17th and Race Streets - Philadelphia, PA 19103 - 215.448.2000

Don't confuse this one, with the two other Sheratons in Center City - the Society Hill Sheraton in Old City, and the Four Points near the Pennsylvania Convention Center (i.e., the Philadelphia Convention Center).

Embassy Suites - $$$$ - 1776 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103 - 215.561.1776

The Embassy Suites - which has 228 of them - has wisely picked a clever address and phone number, which both incorporate 1776. Although not inexpensive, it is strategically located just off Logan Circle - the best place possible for exploring the Benjamin Franklin Parkway district.

Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia - $$$$ - One Logan Square, Philadelphia , PA - 19103-6933 - 1.215.963.1500

The name says it all. Top-shelf amenities and a great view of Logan Circle.

Best Western Center City - $ - 501 North 22nd Street - 22nd and Hamilton Streets - Philadelphia, PA 19130-3507 - 215.568.8300

Note: This hotel's subtitle uses a very broad definition of "Center City". Most Philadelphians - including ourselves - would instead, place the Best Western Center City, in the border region between Center City, and the hip, gentrifying Fairmount neighborhood, an increasingly pleasant area to visit.

This would be a good choice, only if your main interests were the Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum, and/or Eastern State Penitentiary, all of which it is near. In the fall months, if you are looking for a hotel near Eastern State Pen's terrifying Terror Behind the Walls haunted house tour, it's the closest hotel you'll find to it. But it's not in the middle of anything, despite the name.

Bottom line - if you're interested in seeing the other attractions, you're going to be really far away from them. You'll have to pick up the Phlash, over at the Museum of Art, to get around. And after dark, or during the six-month off-season when the Phlash doesn't operate, you're going to have to take a cab anywhere you want to go. SEPTA bus service is the only thing that runs up that high above Center City.

(Fairmount is not a neighborhood you should be walking around late at night, unless you're familiar with the area.)

That having been said, it's much less expensive than the other three, and that could defray the cab fares. And if you want one or more of those three attractions, you're in a great location for it.

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