About Us – Why We Have Decided to Create Enjoying Philadelphia

There were many reasons why we have decided to create Enjoying Philadelphia, and some of them overlapped. But here is our best effort at describing the multitude of reasons why we decided to concentrate our efforts at building this site...

Why We’ve Created Enjoying Philadelphia

We Want You To Enjoy Your Visit to Philadelphia

We selected this name for our site, because it perfectly summarized our goal – helping you to enjoy Philadelphia, and enjoy it as much as we do.

We Are Lifelong Residents of the Greater Philadelphia Region

We are lifelong residents of the region, going back five generations (at least). Because we’ve been here for so long, we have a unique perspective on Philadelphia and everything it has to offer.

We Love the City’s History and Heritage

Although we love all periods of history, we have a particular affection for the 18th century, and the period of the Revolutionary War. Philadelphia was the national capital, and not only during the Revolutionary War. After the peace treaty with Great Britain, the federal government spent a brief period in New York, but then returned to Philadelphia for an entire decade - 1790-1800.

Growing up in the region, we developed a taste and interest for this period, as we’ve been to all of the major historic sites, and also the re-enactments of the stirring events of the American Revolution.

If you want the American Revolution experience, this is the best place to find it (although we acknowledge, from multiple firsthand experiences, that Boston’s Freedom Trail is great, too). But we stand by our claim that we’re the most historic city in America!

We’ve Visited All of the Major (and Most of the Minor) Tourist Attractions, Many Times

Over the course of our lifetime, both in childhood and adulthood, we’ve been to every single major tourist attraction in the city, and most of them in the region as a whole (depending on how we want to draw the line as to how far greater Philadelphia extends into Pennsylvania, and north into New Jersey).

As a result, we have specialized knowledge as to what visitors will like, what things you should visit if you’re from out of town, from overseas, just in town for the day, in college or graduate school, etc.

And so we can’t absolutely guarantee that we’ve been to every single attraction you see covered on Enjoying Philadelphia, particularly the brand-new ones and those located on the outer geographical fringes. But we have been to the vast majority of them, numerous times.

Philadelphia’s Burgeoning Tourism and Travel Industry

Over the course of the last two decades, the city’s renaissance as a mecca for tourism, has made the need for a site like this one not only desirable, but necessary. The heritage tourism attractions (and marketing) in Philadelphia, per se, let alone the entire region, is incalculable. You simply can’t do Philadelphia in a day or a week. (We’d maintain that you can’t really do it in an entire lifetime!)

Bottom line - Somebody has to prioritize it for you, if you’re not from here.

To illustrate this point, further – obviously, we follow tourist attractions, sights, restaurants, etc., very closely. Nonetheless, we still discover places, particularly in the outer fringes of the region, of which we weren’t previously aware.

The Natural Volatility and Dynamism Of The Bar and Restaurant Scene In Philadelphia

And in terms of Philadelphia restaurants and nightlife – obviously, the restaurant and nightclub industry is very volatile, everywhere (Philadelphia or otherwise). Bars and restaurants close all of the time, sometimes reopening with a new owner and/or a new theme, sometimes shuttered forever, sometimes moved to a new location. Somebody’s got to keep track of them for you – it might as well be us.

We’ve Had the Good Fortune To Travel To Many Other North American Cities, and We Have a Unique Perspective on What Is Distinctively Philadelphian, And What You Just Can’t Find In Other Cities

We cheerfully acknowledge that as much as we love Philadelphia as a world-class city, we’re not alone in urban greatness. Just on the East Coast, Boston, New York, Baltimore, and Washington, DC have great tourism scenes. But since we’ve been to those places many times, as well-

We have a detailed knowledge of tourist attractions and things to do that are uniquely Philadelphian – experiences that you just can’t find in Chicago or Toronto, as great as they are. And most visitors to Philadelphia like to do things that they won’t be able to do in other cities.

Contact Us!

If you’d like more information about Enjoying Philadelphia, and why we’ve decided to devote all of this effort to help you enjoy our beloved hometown and region, we’d love to hear from you.

Just fill out the form on our Contact Us Page. The results of that form go directly into our e-mail account - and we reply to all e-mails.

And in the meantime-

Enjoy Philadelphia!

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