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1. What's New At Enjoying Philadelphia - Bastille Day 2011 Events and New Event Pages

2. Looking Ahead - Other July 2011 Events

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What’s New at Enjoying Philadelphia – Bastille Day 2011

Bastille Day is France's national holiday. It commemorates the storming of the Bastille in Paris, a prison which symbolized the old regime and monarchy, in 1789. It is the French equivalent of the Fourth of July and is celebrated in much the same way.

The day after the prisoners were released, a decision was made to demolish the Bastille, in order to symbolize that a new era had begun in France. The decision to raze the Bastille was made by the Marquis de Lafayette, the French nobleman who had played such a pivotal role in the American Revolution, both in military service and obtaining French aid for the American cause.

In Philadelphia, on the Saturday closest to Bastille Day itself, Eastern Sate Penitentiary stages a huge re-enactment of the event. Fairmount Avenue is closed to traffic and a French themed street festival takes place all day , culminating in the storming of the Bastille. There is also a French themed Bar Crawl on Friday night. Our complete guide to all the activities can be found at:

Bastille Day 2011 Events Guide

For other events in July 2011, this constantly updated guide lists many of the popular, important events, in and around the city.

July 2011 Events Page

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Looking Ahead to August 2011 - Enjoying Philadelphia Events

We’ll have another issue later this month, covering August 2011 Enjoying Philadelphia Events.

In the meantime, as the July events pages are revised and improved, you can check them for updates.

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