2012 Philadelphia Flower Show Islands Of Aloha Bring Hawaii Home

The tropical beauty of Hawaii is here at the newly expanded Pennsylvania Convention Center from March 4 -11, 2012. You are greeted by the magical sensation of being under a wave filled with fish in the South Pacific. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the magnificent display of a gigantic waterfall, Tiki hut and Polynesian dancers.

Frequently, there are performances at that location, of a fascinating story: the Hawaiian creation myth and legend about how the Hawaiian Islands were created. A battle took place between two supernatural sisters, one the goddess of fire and volcanoes; her sister, the goddess of the oceans. A dazzling special effects show and narration of the legend are far and away the best attraction of the 2012 Philadelphia Flower Show - Islands of Aloha.

It is accompanied by the very talented performers who presented the traditional dances associated with the legend. Accordingly, upon your arrival, the most important thing for you to do, is to consult the sign in front of the display, in order to find out show times for this multimedia performance which lasts about 15 minutes. They conveniently have a sign adjacent to it, which explains the legend- and we recommend that you read it, prior to viewing the performance. Don’t miss it.

Among the many colorful displays was a deeply moving tribute to the heroes of Pearl Harbor. Attacked by the Japanese on December 7, 1941, it brought the United States directly into World War II. The USS Arizona was one of many battleships attacked that day. Since the Navy was unable to salvage and repair it, it has served ever since as a memorial to the thousands of Americans and Hawaiians killed that day. It was a respectful and moving tribute to these heroes.

There was another vignette with a lagoon and a hammock by its side, just inviting you to come and relax in a tropical hideaway. And if you wanted the action of a bar on a beach complete with surfboards and scuba diving, they were provided for your Hawaiian getaway for the day, too. Make sure you do see the miniature pineapples growing and the fish in the gardens.

Among the other exhibits, we found both the representation of a lava-spewing volcano - as well as a tribute to the turtle, a revered animal with many renderings of the turtle, all distinctly different – to be especially cool.

Among our traditionally favorite displays, are the incredible miniatures scenes created to perfect scale, with remarkable accuracy. On the opposite walls are pieces of artwork, made entirely from pressed plants and flowers, framed under the glass. The Polynesian themes were particularly beautiful. The talents of these artists, has to be seen, to be believed.

Among the other exhibits, we thoroughly enjoyed the visit to The Hawaiian Village, which is located in the newly expanded vastness of the Convention Center. Every Hawaiian good and service, from coffee to Macadamia nuts, were for sale. There were several Hawaiian tourism tables, all staffed by highly knowledgeable experts on their respective islands. We especially enjoyed learning more about Hawaiian history culture and language during our conversations –foe example, learning how to pronounce Aloha properly and learning the nuances of what it means, in Hawaiian.

We think you should aside some time, for the village as we found it equally interesting to the Flower Show itself - friendly people, wine tasting, Hawaiian goods for sale; an all-too-brief interlude in paradise.

We will conclude by noting that there was a uniquely Philadelphian display - miniature replicas of the Art Museum, Independence Hall, City Hall, and the skyline. We hope you will enjoy this magnificent tribute to our 50th state. Plan on spending the whole day - there are numerous demonstrations and vendors to be enjoyed.

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