1812 Productions This Is the Week That Is 2011 - A Hilarious Send-up of All Things Political

We reviewed the Wednesday, December 28, 2011 performance of This Is the Week That Is, by 1812 Productions, at Plays & Players Theatre, located at 1712 Delancey Street, just off Rittenhouse Square.

We loved it, as it is a hilarious send-up of all things political, just as the battle for the GOP presidential nomination heats up, with the Iowa caucuses on January 3. No better political humor can be found in Greater Philadelphia. And 1812 Productions is the only theatrical group in the region, which is devoted exclusively to comedy.

1812 Productions has produced This Is the Week That Is for six consecutive seasons, and the quality of the content has remained consistently high. This achievement is all the more remarkable, given that the show has to change weekly – or even nightly – depending on local and national political events. One example – the recent failure of Newt Gingrich to qualify for the Virginia primary ballot was included.

Our particular favorites:

The talented ensemble’s performance of a Dr. Seuss-esque narrative of the sundry Republican hopefuls, with Susan Riley Stevens’s Michele Bachmann, and Aime Kelly’s Herman Cain as standouts.

Audience participation, including one in which a patron is given the chance to run for president, with the cast improvising a campaign slogan and biography for him, up on stage.

In the other, a spoof of Occupy Philly, a patron can start his own protest about lobbyists – by being interviewed on camera – in the lobby!

Dave Jadico as Humphrey Bogart in a film noir investigation about the “stealing of the Constitution”.

Reuben Mitchell’s superb impression of President Obama, including his portrayal of him as the superhero Obamaman, locked in a never-ending struggle against his nemesis, the Recessionator.

But since we don’t want to give away all of the jokes and the many surprises, we’ll stop there. The highly talented comedic cast delivers plenty of puns and one-liners, to keep you laughing out loud all through a two-hour-plus evening of political – and occasional pop culture – entertainment. We highly recommend it.

The complete ensemble:

Scott Greer, Dave Jadico, Susan Riley Stevens, Jennifer Childs (the show’s director, whose character introduces the show), Don Montrey, Aime Kelly, Reuben Mitchell, and Tabitha Allen.

This Is the Week That Is runs through Dec. 31. Tickets are $20-$36. You can call (215) 592-9560 for more information.

Note - Dec. 31 is SOLD OUT - Please contact box office to inquire about waiting list.

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